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welcome to the chicken pickle Network forms

Welcome to the Chicken Pickle Network forums!

[Image: cbsq3u8.jpeg]

Please follow these very simple rules:
- No Trolling / Belittling
- No scamming

If you can follow these, we can all have fun here, and maybe even learn from each other!
We would like these forums to be a fun, safe envorinment where everyone can enjoy themselves. We are a private server network that aims to provide quality service to all our patrons. We want to provide a fun and positive gaming experience, so please, no trolling.
If you would like to request for us to host a certain game, please message us here on the forums or visit our Discord.

Right now, we are hostling a Runes of Magic private server and working on an Aion server. 

Join us today, and have fun!

Enjoy the forums!
from your Chicken Pickle team
[Image: 6cf24ecfffd68a0d3501ddf601ca34a7.png]

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