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update I am returning

update I am returning:

sorry I've been away for so long you know I'm an emotional wreck and every now and then I get depressed! let's start off for why I Disappeared for the last 3 weeks. our cat Luna disappeared while we had 3 kittens that we had to take care of because she was gone. kittens got sick somehow and gave me a staph infection on my legs. 

to start off with stove how the kittens got sick. after their mother disappeared we tried to do everything we could to keep them alive and warm. two weeks ago the power went out in the middle of the night and the kittens got really cold. so we are trying everything we could to save their lives we lost two of them within 48 Hours the other one stayed alive for a few more days. then we noticed he wasn't feeling very well and after me going to the hospital and finding out I had to staph infection. we took the kitten to the vet and the vet told us that if we had to pay $1,500 and they can save it and unfortunately we don't have that kind of money laying around, I'm not asking anyone for money do not think that I'm just telling you what happened.   so they told us not to put a cat down for free and I was like you would kill a cat then give it a assistance. are then I went into a downward spiral of depression the last few days of why can't they help us I have still came down to the same thing that all of these places are out of money if you can't afford to help people in all of the Charities that we could have had access to have no funds. so I went into a downward spiral of depression not understanding why why are people like this why does money have to control everything.

so long story short our cat Luna disappeared we had three kittens they all three died and I got sad.

however I am back now and I just set up a battery backup on the servers. so if we have a power outage blow a fuse or I pop the breaker the service will stay online. that and I appreciate all the players that have been here and States while I was gone for a short. Of time
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