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rich people?

you know what rich people they really make me sick when they complain about their taxes going back to where they bro you're just going back to Obama tax hike for the rich and not even going back to that you're going below that they're only bringing it halfway back up which of these last four years you showing us what you did with those tax breaks just stockpiled more money and Jeff Bezos is fake he's with the f****** Republican garbage not all Republicans are garbage just the once you don't do their own research or have any understanding of what's going on around them and want scream like they do there's a lot of valid talking points to go against Republican Or democrats with we're still trapped inside of the identity politics that was really hyped up by Donald!!!

and the thing is I can't even be mad at Donald for thatbecause all he was doing was following in the footsteps of his predecessor is doing what he thought he should I mean the man was kind of tarded but I'm also kind of tard tarded like really tarded my last name is a German last name and if you look it up we're related to a guy who literally handed the country of Germany to Hitler because of his stupidity we just didn't end up with the outcome that you know bad people wanted but you know everything's okay and he can recover I'm not saying Donald Trump was Hitler I'm saying Donald Trump would be the Catalyst that gets Hitler not that he was that person I just think that he was just as dumb as the ruler of Germany after World War 1 just saying the man relinquish control of his country to a psycho and I'm pretty psychotic I'm just saying that anything can happen and I agree that the rich should pay their fair share in taxes when we gave them the tax breaks under Donald was stockpiled more wealth to report in there you know books
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