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open beta for Dragon's Prophet Server

open beta for Dragon's Prophet Server
[Image: Dragon%27s_Prophet_logo.png]

this is an open Beta or still trying to tweak the different settings in the game so join us help us out
play let's have fun together and play dragon's prophet

Dragon's Prophet private server which is hosted by us and managed by us and no affiliation with the original company.

we are currently looking for players staff members and more join us have fun and this design something awesome!!

Games DL:

gameplay footage:

you can also find more information about this game on its Wikipedia!!

to create a game account all you need to do is log into your account on the website go to my account and activate dragon's prophet and then you can log into the game!!!
[Image: 6cf24ecfffd68a0d3501ddf601ca34a7.png]

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