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abuse of diamond glitch

these users got caught abusing a bug that happened during an update instead of reporting that bug they once the bug was brought to my attention I remove the items of players who were abusing the bug I did not some of these have been banned from the server for excessive argumentative activities towards their removal of items for abusing the bug conversation and logs are posted below.

these users had over five million diamonds and they're upset for me Banning them and removing their items.
I wouldn't care if they abused it just to get a couple thousand extra diamonds but the fact that used it to get millions of diamonds.

it's not even the fact that they abused it it's the fact they put so many diamonds into the economy there's a lot of users who abused it only gave themselves a couple extra thousand and I'm not going to remove this is a warning I'm already watching your account from this point forward though days users who attacked me spawned millions of diamonds

I then called me poor because I told them I use the money gathered from the server to pay for the server bro I'm sorry that I have to spend money on bills outside of this game when I work and I want to run this this community knows that and they know their donations and what they're going to buy don't hide anything they I let them know when I spend money on new server parts from their donations I let them know when I buy I want them know when I'm paying bills with that money I am very transparent and I tell people so if you want to act like I'm poor that's on you run your own Community make your own game I'm not going to give you free diamonds just because like you deserve them you're some kind of better god-king over everyone else in this server.

players were telling me that they were as well putting items in the item shop undercutting other players with items that were obtained from the glitched diamonds literally trying to screw up the economy for everyone

one thing that doesn't make sense to me if you thought diamonds were free why would you try to trade for other with those diamonds because if they were free everyone would have them just logic it makes no sense



the1Domo — Today at 11:01 AM
Yes they will be released hopefully this coming weekend what I'm doing right now is I'm changing Up structures on databases as well so people can't take my files and just them on their server I'm no longer interested in helping other people I'm interested in working on my project and helping my community grow helping my players
!?Alii ? — Today at 11:07 AM
— Today at 11:07 AM
GG @!?Alii ?, you just advanced to level 5!
Xenoo — Today at 12:24 PM
@Xeae no the reason those are the only ones in the IS is becuase those are all the drops that you cannot get from the 2 bugged bosses
Xenoo — Today at 12:35 PM
sounds like we will have another data dump shortly that should resolve most the issues then we can remove all gear from Item Shop
!?Alii ? — Today at 12:43 PM
All gear for character ?
Xenoo — Today at 12:44 PM
remove all the instance gear for Item shop as its only inthere becuase you cannot farm for it currently
!?Alii ? — Today at 12:51 PM
if my things were gone i would be sorry because ı have so much item :/
Xenoo — Today at 2:46 PM
No not on your character just from the item shop it was in reply to the post xeae made
Soas77 — Today at 3:02 PM
ok i removed the gear and mana stones from IS
!?Alii ? — Today at 3:27 PM
where is item Confusedmile:

Soas77 — Today at 3:29 PM
these accounts are the users who abuse the diamond glitch and have been all their items removed they will not be banned but I've removed all their items and the Diamonds
this is a warning I have set up a system now that will tell me when the diamonds are being abused
I know a lot of other users abused it as well however I only did this to the users who have heavily abused the glitch do not do this the issue is known and we are repairing it and we've also set up systems now to notify us if
thats from the1Domo
Xeae — Today at 3:40 PM
We started the game thinking that diamonds are free, but we saw that the game is not easy. The reason the diamond was free was your fault. You realize your mistake later and punish us players. I condemn this strongly.
!?Alii ? — Today at 3:41 PM
this error has been around for 3 to 4 days this error has been around for 3 to 4 days and we were normally having fun this is a very sad thing you did
the1Domo — Today at 3:42 PM
you guys used to bug instead of notifying me the bug was there you abused it
the diamonds are not free that was not intentional I added diamonds 2 dungeon so players had the ability to play
and still have the ability of the people who pay money not free diamonds I never gave free diamonds I never offered
!?Alii ? — Today at 3:42 PM
we didn't know it was a mistake
We thought it was normal and we used it
the1Domo — Today at 3:43 PM
you abused a bug instead of reporting it and now you're mad that I erased your stuff because you abused a bug
!?Alii ? — Today at 3:43 PM
because error 3 has been 4 days
the1Domo — Today at 3:43 PM
did I had no idea was there until I was notified and then you guys were already abusing it before I was even
no nobody told me it was there you guys just abused it
you can't get mad at me for you not even telling me something is there and then you abused it instead of
that's not okay that's not okay and I can do this because you abused a bug instead of reporting it
!?Alii ? — Today at 3:44 PM
because we didn't know it was a mistake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the1Domo — Today at 3:44 PM
do you realize the donations that we get for This Server go to pay for the power bill go to pay for the up
yes but I would have to go through all of your items to separate s*** that you did with those items
you guys then turned around and bought and sold items with those diamonds
you guys turned around and ask people to sell you items with those diamonds
you guys abused it don't pretend like you have a high ground here you don't
!?Alii ? — Today at 3:45 PM
bull shit
the1Domo — Today at 3:45 PM
!?Alii ? — Today at 3:45 PM
the1Domo — Today at 3:45 PM
talk to any other member in this staff and they all agree with my decision they are the ones who said
!?Alii ? — Today at 3:45 PM
It's your fault if you don't realize it
the1Domo — Today at 3:45 PM
all of my staff members agreed with this decision I wanted to ban you I wanted to remove you from the player base
!?Alii ? — Today at 3:45 PM
this is it
the1Domo — Today at 3:46 PM
yes it is you still abused it you should have reported it
Soas77 — Today at 3:46 PM
Domo wanted to ban ur account but i said to no just wipe them
the1Domo — Today at 3:46 PM
I'm not understanding where you're disconnected you abused a bug instead of reporting it
you guys are abusing and economy jumping up the prices of things because of your personal guilt and agreed
!?Alii ? — Today at 3:46 PM
ban me  and cya
the1Domo — Today at 3:46 PM
I went to bed mad at you guys if you guys weren't ruining my game economy
I'm not going to cry I don't really care there's no reason to cry
you're the one crying trying to say that I should give you back your items for abusing a bug
you are the one sitting here telling me I'm wrong for a decision that was made from a vote
you are the one who abused the bug and tried to offer people diamonds for items
no that is not okay you go anywhere and tell them about what you did and everyone will side with me I am a business
in the end you ended up costing me money and it could ruin my economy
ruin my economy you think I'm just going to be okay with that
!?Alii ? — Today at 3:48 PM
Why do you open a server if you don't have money?
Xeae — Today at 3:48 PM
I don't mind delete accounts if you want. Your best friend left you, including AZEROTH. You can't do shit. Horse head. Keep crawling like this shit. Stickman
the1Domo — Today at 3:48 PM
— Today at 3:48 PM
GG @the1Domo, you just advanced to level 14!

the1Domo — Today at 3:50 PM
byghostking — Today at 3:50 PM
Soas77 — Today at 3:50 PM
byghostking — Today at 3:50 PM
allaenat ealaa walidatik , kulukum fuqara'
the1Domo — Today at 3:50 PM
the bot will automatically delete curse words
byghostking — Today at 3:50 PM
Foda-se sua mãe, todos vocês são pobres
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