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BIG Patch Notes For 11/11/2020

We set up all for our patch!
We couldn´t fix all of these in the past 3 days but we get most of this work again.
Worked Features
- all items get there +20 attributes (+30 still missing comes with newer patch)
- items drops correctly in the newer zones
- dungeon portal is set to New Pantheon (right now only the Hardmode we will add this soon as possbile for all other ini modes) but in first time you can farm the items/stats on mobs in the zone
- we set up a new loginepisode
- new windowname
- phirius shell npc sell 100 items ( 3 different)
- current event: Skillcraft

More of them will be fixed soon as possible

We are also close to patch the new codex book with all lvl 100 instances of Tasuq, Korris, Enoch, Vortis and Chassizz to port you infront of them.

Best regards and thanks for the patient

Here you can download our currently patch:
[Image: 6cf24ecfffd68a0d3501ddf601ca34a7.png]

[Image: 6cf24ecfffd68a0d3501ddf601ca34a7.png]

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