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Welcome Taboreans!

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  • Welcome Taboreans!

    We are glad to announce that our Runes of Magic Private-Server went live!
    Our goal is to provide a fun and player-friendly gaming environment for all of our players!

    We work daily on optimizing the game any leftover issues and updating the game so that we can provide a fun and stable gaming experience for all of our players!

    The XP- Gold- and Droprates on our private Server are x11 higher than the retails rates.
    The TP-Rate is set to x100.

    We've also brought up a compensation-method so that the players, no matter from where they come, will not experience lags and high-ping-issues.

    In order to register a game account visit our Homepage at

    After signing in you should activate your account at
    to register for an account

    Since we haven't provided a full-client, that you could download, yet we have to offer another option:
    Download our Clientconvert-Package that contains all necessary files, that will let you play on our server.
    Simply download the latest Official RoM-Client and
    insert all the files from the Clientconvert-Package into the directory.

    The Clientconvert-Package:ClientConvert_Any

    full client download!WAgFhCYa!aiOhexR5g...9kDVyIUQZNxFtM

    We are working hard on providing our own client. We will, of course, let you know, when it's ready!

    We are glad you're here!

    With kind regards!