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ideas for running Network and creating a positive environment
!ideas for running Network and creating a positive environment!

first of all I would like to apologize to all the players for my absence and leave from the network there will be a package given to all the players as I forgive this package as well as a package for any new players all old accounts have been reinstated the server will be returning to full functionality as of November 14th on November 10th I will be doing a beta and again I'm sorry I had some pressing issues that I had to resolve in my personal life that made me unable to function or work on this project properly. and I apologize and I am back I will not leave again!!!

however there are going to be a lot of changes to the network for legality and protection of the players many of these changes will be we will not be accepting direct money for currency however you will still be able to earn currency if I logging in every day you also be able to earn currency on the forums as well as being active in game in order to track your usage you'll have to use our launcher just a PSA if you're not using our launcher you will not receive support the launcher will allow you to have updates as well as support as and more however servers are still expensive and support kind of necessary so we are going to implement A system that allows you to purchase multipliers such as x2 and x5 currency multipliers which will allow you to earn more currency on a day-to-day basis these packages will be offered in 1-day 5-days and 30-days 
!now our new network is going to support multiple platforms!
such as PC gaming as normal but we are going to be adding PlayStation 2 and Dreamcast as well as nintendo ds and of course mobile platforms we will be making a post with a full list of games that support are networking platform however feel free to request in a reply any games that you would like us to host 
a small list of a few games that we are planning to support
  1. Runes of Magic

  2. habbo

  3. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

  4. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

  5. Call of Duty Black Ops

  6. Call of Duty Black Ops 2

  7. Battlefield Heroes

  8. Battlefield Bad Company 2

  9. Battlefield 3

  10. Battlefield 4

  11. Battlefield Vietnam

  12. Battlefield 2142

  13. Battlefield 1942

  14. Dragon's Prophet

  15. Dragon Nest

  16. RaiderZ

  17. and much much more
if you have any ideas or suggestions to make the website better or games add to our list or things that we should do to make our platform better or simply want to apply for a position please reply or message me on Discord 
best regards
your Chicken Pickle Team

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