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we like to pride ourselves on allowing our community to help us spread the Goodwill of our server
so we are offering anyone who makes any YouTube videos related to our server 1,000 diamonds per video

we currently have some videos on our YouTube channel
but we really like to expand it with tutorials and helpful videos as well as dungeon run videos and fun videos
if you make a video posted in this thread and PM me your in game name

our youtube Smile


The Battle Begins

Taborea is about to fall into the hands of Demon Lord Sirloth. His cold-blooded minions rove through the magical world, spreading fear and destruction. Draw them out of hiding, quash their power and return peace to Taborea.

Discover the Features of the First Chapter
Take the reins: The mount system has been around since Chapter I, allowing you to ride in style.

Dual Class System
Fight on your own terms. Create a unique character by combining the strengths of two different classes. Check out the Beginner�s Guide to see how this feature has improved since Chapter I.

Elite Skills
Elite Skills accentuate your individuality. You can learn them from the following masters, depending on your class combo and level:

15 & 20: Listi Pursdon in the Class Hall, Varanas
25: Fay Akjad in front of the Forsaken Abbey
30:Menqid Beman in Silverfall
35:Sisileena Chab, Necropolis of Mirrors
40 & 45: Belin Pursdon in the Obsidian Stronghold
50: Sigg Fletcher in the Class Hall, Varanas

Housing has existed in Taborea since the time of the Demon Lord. In your house, you can recuperate, store items and more.

In Runes of Magic, crafting can make your life a lot easier: Forge your own weapons, tailor robes, cook fortifying snacks or brew tasty potions.

Sturdy equipment is no guarantee of success, but it certainly can�t hurt. The ability to strengthen your equipment using runes has been around since Chapter I.

Monster Compendium
Get to know the wildlife of Taborea using Monster Cards. Receive them for completing quests or get them from killing monsters on your exploits. These cards were improved in Chapter III.

Auction House
You want to sell items for a fair price? Or are you in the market for a certain commodity? Then visit the Auction House, where players from the farthest reaches of Taborea have offered their wares for sale since time immemorial.

[the game]
Discover Taborea�s first heroes and learn about their challenges, alliances and communities.

The Humans have been around from the beginning and have always been ready for anything. Over the course of time, they have been joined by two additional races.

The six original classes of Taborea are: Priest, Mage, Warrior, Knight, Rogue and Scout. But further classes were added later.

Find out how many quests have been added to the epic quest series of Chapter I and the initial 1,000 quests under Features.

Since Chapter I, reputable guilds have been able to have their own guild castle, which serves as a meeting point, a status symbol and an arsenal.

In the PvP arenas, which have been around since the game�s inception, players can test their battle prowess, either one-on-one or in groups. The winners receive Honor Points, which can be exchanged for desirable items.

The Nine Zones of Chapter I

Howling Mountains (from level 1)
Surmount your initial challenges and seek out your first allies amidst idyllic greenery and treacherous pitfalls.

[Image: 52ec45d2ee.jpg]

Sascilia Steppes (from level 1)

Visit the caravans and cities of the Whitefurs and Blackhorns – just don’t get caught in their crossfire. Also be on the lookout for wily bandits, cyclopes and perilous swamplands.

[Image: e5a70217b7.jpg]

Silverspring (from level 10)

An abbey, farms and fertile lands once promised peace. Yet an ominous howling can now be heard in the towns and in the fields. Suppress this bane and prevent the region from utter ruin.

[Image: fc5b52c03c.jpg]

Varanas (from level 10)

People from all walks of life can be found within the city walls of Varanas: travellers, scholars, craftsmen and merchants. You’re sure to meet like-minded adventurers here, along with whatever else you may need.

[Image: 0eedce2083.jpg]

Aslan Valley (from level 20)

One must be particularly cautious here, in the pristine natural surroundings of Aslan Valley. In these forests lurk scavengers, plunderers, reprobates, ents and vicious beasts.

[Image: 44272cb129.jpg]

Dragonfang Ridge (from level 20)

Bundle up and have your weapon at the ready. In these icy canyons, you’ll encounter ice dwarves and cyclopes who don’t take kindly to visitors. They’ll greet you with a heavy fist to the face if you’re not careful.

[Image: bb510cca12.jpg]

Ystra Highlands (from level 30)

Dress warmly and be ready for anything! These frozen heights are plagued by all kinds of odious creatures: from gigantic minotaurs to dainty but deathly cold fairies.

[Image: a440a09568.jpg]

Dust Devil Canyon (from level 40)

Don’t think any form of life could survive in such parched, dusty climes? Then go ahead and try your luck in the formidable dunes. Then you’ll see just how many giant scorpions, lizards and spiders actually thrive here.

[Image: 04982d47b7.jpg]

Ravenfell (from level 45)

Beaches, fishing villages and harbours attract not only adventurers, but also pirates. Round up these smugglers, hustlers and thieves and exile them from paradise.

[Image: 7e51ebc9d4.jpg]

[Instances 1]

12 Original Instances
Here are the details on four of the twelve first instances

Barren Caves
Zone: Howling Mountains
Level: 10
Players: 6
Difficulty: easy

Forge your first alliances and prepare for the very hungry caterpillars, evil kobolds and other fell beasts in Taborea’s instances. After you’ve managed to vanquish Taborea’s first boss, Anglo, you’ll find plenty more waiting in the wings…

[Image: f4cb8dfd5e.jpg]

Windmill Basement

Zone: Howling Mountains
Level: 15
Players: 6
Difficulty: normal

Deep underground, industrious kobolds toil away in magnificent corridors and stately halls. Put a stop to the wicked business of this dark cult, but know that in so doing, you will incur the wrath of their two leaders.

[Image: 0f76ea204f.jpg]

Arcane Chamber of Sathkur

Zone: Sascilia Steppes
Level: 15
Players: 6
Difficulty: normal

This derelict chamber has long been a magnet for sinister types, for here lies hidden the treasure of Sathkur. Come face to face with bandits, Blackhorns and three nasty bosses as you embark on the exciting search for riches.

[Image: 15525fa9b3.jpg]

Forsaken Abbey

Zone: Silverspring
Level: 25
Players: 6
Difficulty: normal

Once a laboratory for experimentation, this abbey has been overrun by the undead since an unfortunate accident long ago. You must defeat five bosses to learn the shocking truth of this forsaken place.

[Image: 5ea523e154.jpg]

We are pleased to welcome you to our Runes of Magic pserver

Please download, register, and enjoy. We work daily repairing any leftover issues and updating the game so that we can provide a fun and stable gaming experience for all of our players!

Here at chickenpickle.enterprises, we strive to bring you the best online MMO experience. 

We have an EU (Europe) and US (America) game server, so no matter where you are the lag shouldn't be too harsh.
(Both servers will have the same siege wars server)

So while you're here, please enjoy your time and let us know if you're not enjoying your experience so we can make it better for you.

if you have any questions or concerns you can email me at [email protected]

full client download:
you can visit our website for more information and register
join our Discord:
come join my fun and growing Runes of Magic community

rom server
rom pserver
rom private server
rom emu
rom emulator
Runes of Magic
Runes of Magic server
Runes of Magic pserver
Runes of Magic private server
Runes of Magic emu
Runes of Magic emulator
all guilds are now level 8 and all new guilds would start out at level 8
crafting x10
Gathering x10
Gathering speed is 1s
[Image: wM5XGtm.jpg]

brand new dungeons new starting zones and new lands are in the works
we will also be creating a whole new starting race and storyline for our new race
we also will be rolling out patches with all new weapons and armor
Get a message " the area you selected is not yet available . would you like to to enter ... from ..."
Confirm and nothing happened , same for new char.
The server is back up! The FPS issue is known and being worked on! 

Thank you!

Greetings RoM players!

Due to an unkown issue, our servers are currently down. The server will be back online as soon as access to our server room becomes available. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

[Image: DKnuEAR]
Hello Guys! A brand new Patch has arrived. (You don´t have to update the client) You can now enjoy the Zones of Tasuq,Korris & Enoch. All instances of these 3 Zones are right now offline to fix some bugs. We will let you know if its finished. You need a port? No Problem just ask a GM ingame to move you in the zone.

Best regards
The ChickenPickle Staff!
Hello RoM players!
The new patch has been released!

Patch version number

Patch notes:

All database structures will be compatible with 7.2.1. content

Visual Studios run times updated from 2005 to 2008

Memory mapping stability fixed

Repaired error that appeared when entering map "wpe.exe"

Texture loading issue fixed

FPS lag fixed

Miscellaneous bugs fixed

Weapons unable to cause Mob damage fixed

Christmas stuff is now implemented for December!

Anti-cheat base included

[Image: SdngSDv]
Greetings players! 

We have good news, bad news, and more good news for you. Good news is, Runes of Magic is officially up and running! All zones are online, and the RAM upgrade/solid state installation went well!
The bad news is, due to a damaged hard drive, about 30 days of game memory has been lost. 
The more good news is, due to this error, we will be offering returning players a special package in an effort to recoup your losses. The details on the package will be announced in a few days time. 
The backup memories we do have are from 3-12-2018 at 8:25pm PST.

[Image: w30Fu3r]


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